Skill Summary


eSolutions – 2007 to Present

MedicareACE – Senior Developer

Designed and developed web-based Medicare claim editing system. Features an Ajax-enabled UB-04 claim editor. Database supports 837 claim and 835 payment information. Interfaces with Medicare mainframe systems using automated terminal emulation and EDI. Improves biller productivity by providing claim and work management features not available in the standard Medicare mainframe system.

ADO.NET • Ajax • ASP.NET • C# • HLLAPI • HTML • SQL Server • Web Services

File Mover – Senior Developer

Designed and developed system to route EDI documents between clients and Medicare EDI gateways. Automatically retrieves payment remittance information and delivers to client using a secured web interface.

ADO.NET • C# • EDI • SQL Server

Covansys, formerly PDA – 1993 to 2007

Flood Insurance Automation – Senior Consultant

For several nationwide insurance companies, as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, designed and developed high-volume document generation support, custom workflow/imaging automation, web-based form and letter generation support and financial reporting functions. Application hosted by Covansys and accessed by over 20,000 users.

ADO.NET • ASP.NET • Data Modeling • HTML • Office Automation • Oracle • Query/Report Design • Visual Basic.NET • Web Services • Workflow • XML

Distributed Claims Workbench – Project Manager

For a large multi-state property and casualty insurance company, designed and developed a distributed, smart-client claims automation solution. Managed a team of 12 developers and coordinated activities with client IT staff. Application successfully deployed to over 200 claims adjusters. Responsibilities included data modeling, user JAD sessions, system architecture, project time and cost estimates and overall project management.

The Windows-based application provided full life-cycle claim support. Featured distributed and disconnected laptop support with automatic data synchronization.

Data Distribution • Data Modeling • Messaging Services • Oracle • PL/SQL • Microsoft Project • S-Designer • Smart‑client Architecture • Visual Basic 4 • Windows 95

Daycare Automation – Project Manager

For a nationwide daycare provider, designed and developed a Windows-based daycare center automation solution. Application successfully deployed to over 600 daycare centers. Managed a team of three developers. Application performed all administrative functions including enrollment, billing, accounting and reporting. System remotely administered through a private WAN.

Access • ADO • Data Import/Export • Report/Form Generators • Visual Basic 4 • Windows 95

Insurance Agency Automation – Programmer

For a Fortune 500 insurance corporation, supported and enhanced a client-server based agency automation system. Designed and developed support for a disconnected laptop smart-client interface.

DB/2 • DB/400 • C • C++ • OS/2 • OS/400 • Presentation Manager

US Data Resource – 1999 to 2001 – Co-owner

Designed and developed AppraiseAssist, a web-based data service for real estate appraisers. Data collected with a custom desktop application that integrated with all major appraisal software packages.

Day-to-day responsibilities included all software development and support, web site installation and support, preparation of marketing materials and all corporate communications.

Access • ASP • Delphi • Fireworks • FrontPage • IIS • SQL Server 7.0 • Visual Basic 6 • Windows 95/NT

IBM – 1985 to 1993 – Programmer

AS/400 Translator

Designed and developed an automated test and validation suite for the new AS/400 Machine Interface, a compiler technology similar to the Microsoft .NET CLR. Developed support for legacy machine instruction support. Customer liaison for pre-release beta activities.

Compiler Design • Modula 2 • Prolog

AS/400 Bring Up Support

Diagnosed system failures and coordinated software updates. Supported domestic and international customers during initial release and major system upgrades. Broad-based knowledge of operating system architecture required.

AS/400 System/36 Environment

Designed and developed enhanced display and communication device support. Maintained compatibility with legacy applications. Handled problem resolution with domestic and international customers.

AS/400 communication protocols • AS/400 workstation device support • PL/I

AS/400 Service Processor

Designed and developed hardware control panel support. Developed PC-based diagnostic terminal. Provided engineering support during initial hardware development.

Imbedded System Architecture • Motorola 68000 Assembler • PL/I

Open Source Technology Projects


A .NET-based implementation of Prolog. Includes a WPF-based Prolog workbench implemented using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture.

Available at

.NET Framework 3.5 • C# • Visual Studio 2008 • WPF


A .NET-based parser generator.

Available at

.NET Framework 3.5 • C# • Visual Studio 2008


An SOA-based web application illustrating the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Available at

.NET Framework 2.0 • ADO.NET • C# • Contract-based Interfaces • Generics • Service-Oriented Architecture • SQL Server 2005 • Visual Studio 2005 • Web Services • XML


Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York

Bachelor of Science – Math and Computer Science